Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh, this Stephen King book is gooooood.

It's called Under the Dome. And yes, it's about three inches thick but that makes it last a long time and I'm only a little past halfway. Delicious. It was meant to be saved for this weekend as a good distraction.

The pain is under "control" at the moment, but it looks like I might be in store for two root canals on opposite sides. And soon. I'm gonna have to make myself call tomorrow but I'm totallly not going back to my old dentist who was half the problem. Plus I think he's just bored with job - the trouble is finding someone else to call that takes new patients, at least a little of my insurance, and does a good job. Pretty tricky to find.

But hey, it's good for the diet. One half of my mouth can't stand cold food and the other half can't stand hot. Almost makes me laugh hehehe.. or maybe it's something else that's makin' me laugh? hehehe.

Sooooo... tomorrow is once again, Monday. After bein' off for doctors and pain the last three days of last week - they've had plenty of time to figure it out. I will be introduced to all the new rules and what they want me to do now as my job. I'm sure I'll also get that friendly reminder that any mistake will not be tolerated. And the person I'm bringing a major suit against sits behind me and is my boss. Do you have any idea how fun that's gonna be whilst tryin' not to overdose between pain pills for the teeth and xanax for the nerves? And - I'm not even tellin' ya what antibiotics do to an empty tummy. Just sayin'. This is what you'd call "anti-fun".

Now I'm gonna go sit out on my "un-porch" for a while and wait for a respectable time to go to bed to await the evil orange glow of the morning sun. (::laughing:: waaayyyy too much Stephen King goin' on over here.) G'nite.

9:30 Update. Still awake. And ow. Any doctors in the house? I finally figured out the pain seems to get much worse when I lay down and seems to get better if I sit up a while (which is why I'm here blabbering on). I tried sleeping sitting up, but that no workie and I need to sleeeep. I need to get up early enough in the morning to prepare myself for the day ahead. And now my arms hurt from holding that darn book all day (another good reason to get a kindle *grin*) but I can't put it down. If I don't finish it tonight I'll have the dramatic ending to look forward to when I get home tomorrow which would be cool too. Ok, I just took some various nighty-night meds again and another dose of the antibiotic just in case. I'm a desperate girl. And I'm still not entirely sure this pain is from a tooth cuz I still have swollen glands too but if it's a wisdom tooth - it's imparting its wisdom on my entire jaw... but it's letting up again now that I've been up for a while so we shall see. G'nite. Again.


Kath said...

You may have already crashed but in case you get back up and online again....

Would putting some sort of heat on the outside help at all? Like a warm washcloth or heating pad?

Hope you feel better soon anyway!

Stacie said...

Well, you're just all tore up aren't you. Poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with the job situation -- sounds rather stressful.

Hang in there!