Friday, April 30, 2010

Well. I made it.

Barely. I finally crashed about 5:30 this morning and the pain is MUCH better now. I think it was like a fever and had to get bad before it broke. I dunno.. but it was very bad. Sorry for whining but I was out of my mind. I don't think it's a tooth though, it's the swelling of the glands that's bothering my ear, jaw, everything. But who knows. All I do know is all these pills are bein' rough on my tummy.

So anyway.. while I'm feelin ok for the moment, I'm think I'm gonna go out and try to work on the garden a little. My new daylillies just came and I want to get them in the ground. I also have a bunch of seeded lavender (a gift from a lovely friend) and some morning glories to put in too. The wind has stopped and I'm tryin' to talk myself into it.

But I'm ok. In case you were wondering. But wow. Pain is not nice. Just sayin'.


Kath said...

Glad you've turned the corner on that! No apologies needed - middle of the night pain that keeps you up is the worst. It's all those endless hours stretching out in front of you before you can get to a doctor, or a pharmacy, or something, anything, to get relief! Makes you wish someone would just conk you over the head and knock you out for a while. :/

Sheepish Annie said...

Holy cow! This sounds seriously awful!! I'm glad the pain has passed, I can't imagine having to spend a night like that. Thinking good thoughts for it being over for good!