Friday, April 30, 2010


The pain in my jaw. It's makin' me nuts. It's middle of the night - well actually - I'm supposed to get up in two hours. I've taken everything I have and nothing touches this pain. I'm blogging for distraction until something kicks in. It has too. This is the throat/ear thing and oh my, I haven't felt this kind of crazy-makin' pain in a long while... it started getting bad while i was waiting in the pharmacy. I tried a whole mg of xanax which usually half of that knocks me out but all it's doing tonight is makin' my eyelids heavy and I have to get up in two hours... doesn't it just figure this would happen now so I may not be able to go in tomorrow?? I'm sure it's just the first antibiotic kickin in and all the proddin' the glands in my neck the doc did... but

OW ow ow ow ow freakin' OW!. This is amazing pain. OK, gonna go take another antibiotic and try once more to lay down, hold my face and hope for a miracle. Where the hell is a stash of emergency Vicoden when a girl needs one??

So thanks for sharin' this little journey with me. I think online whining might have actually helped. Either that or I'm about to become unconscious. We shall see.

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