Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Dome

I'm re-reading (I started it at Christmas but didn't seem to get far) Stephen King's Under The Dome and the sunset outside just now reminded me of it. Spooookyyyyyyy. Good book but the thing is about 3 inches thick and heavy. I think it was too much of a workout was the reason I didn't get it read sooner but I'm glad to have it now:)

So I have some kind of gland thing, no biggie, but biggie at the pharmacy where it took almost 2 hours to fill the script for my antibiotics after they lost it, then found it, then put me back in line again. After all that, I deserved a treat, so I picked up Chinese and was just sitting outside on my un-porch watchin' the sky for a few minutes before dinner. The doc really wanted me to stay out of work from this point on because of everything that's goin' on. But I just can't make myself do that. It would be waaaaay too scary to sit home and wonder every day about my job. So we settled on antibiotics, xanax refills and advice to get some Vitamin D supplements and I'm goin' back for now... And hey, he congratulated me on my cholesterol level being so low hehehe... But after I told him everything, and since he's been the one who's medical advice they've been ignoring - pretty much said this case is gonna be a slam dunk win for me... and he was happy to say so.

But for now, there's still tomorrow to deal with. I can't even begin to imagine what's gonna happen. So for now, I'm just gonna enjoy one more brewski then some shrimp lo mein that I will eat carefully 'cuz my jaw hurts. I have a tooth "issue" on the other side that I've been ignoring for waaay too long. I may need an emergency dentist. And soon. Just sayin'.

And I am blessed.

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