Friday, April 23, 2010

Owie. Is there a doc in the house?

I have an appt. next week and I'm tryin' to hold out. My neck hurts from my collarbone to my ear... with a little sidetrack through a bottom wisdom tooth. For two days now. I'm hopin' it's a swollen gland type thing, pretty sure it is. But still. Maybe not. And This stinks.

I asked boss lady today what the other girl comin' back next week means for my job and what each of us is gonna do as far as work goes. She said she didn't know. Ok... Then later she asks me about doin' some work for her that requires delving into peoples medical charts. Um... I think not. I have zero medical background and seems to me that might be some sort of requirement... Just sayin'.

Anyway. I have to go self medicate now. Maybe I need my tonsils out? hehehe.. wouldn't THAT be just my luck :)

Oh, and i'm thinkin' of goin' to an auction tomorrow. Ever been? We used to go all the time just for somethin' to do. You just never know what you might get. I once got two hand stitched quilts, brand new - in a box of "stuff" for $3.00 TOTAL. I have those quilts on the couch in my family room as we speak. But I specially like the "wonder boxes" you can get for a dollar with this particular auctioneer. He just don't care.. and sometimes you get treasures. One time at the bottom of the box I got a baggie full of "Nixon Now" buttons... ehehehehe. See what I mean? Treasures. But it's somethin' to do we shall see. If so, i shall do a pictorial presentation for you... that should take me about a week to do *grin*. And yeah, the painkillers are kickin in.. why do you ask??

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Stacie said...

Speaking of pain killers, I just took some vicodin for a pain in my neck that started last Saturday. Ouch!

I hope you feel better soon and have a nice (hopefully pain free) weekend.