Thursday, April 22, 2010


Brother "Markie" came through. Markie is identical twin to "Al-vis". I know.. you wouldn't think I had family cuz I don't ever mention them, but that's cuz I really dont much see them. None of them apparently likes me much for whatever their different reasons... But yeah, I have three siblings and a mother and they all live less than a 15 min drive away. Yet I hardly know them. Just sayin'.

But anyway... I asked (begged *grin*) Markie if he'd look at my lawnmower and he said would. I came home tonight and my WHOLE LAWN was mowed! So apparently he got it fixed (and I didn't burn it up) but ohhhh... man... does anything in the world smell better than fresh cut grass? Me thinks not. And comin' home and just seein' that... .what a treat.

Now I'm gonna go sit and enjoy it - just had to share the happy. OH those colored lights are gonna look good tonight :)


Stacie said...

That was certainly nice of your brother to do. I absolutely love fresh-cut grass...not the smell (allergies), but how it looks!


Kath said...

So he not only fixed the lawnmower but also mowed the entire lawn for you? Sounds like a better brother than most and I'm thinking maybe he cares more for you than you realize? Or maybe wants to know you better? Something to think about!


Ok I missed a few posts somehow. You're right mowed grass smell is wonderful, especially in the sunshine. Colored changing lights-awesome. Bought some at Target after you raving and your were so right. Hope you are feeling better or at least feeling ok about taking it easy-maybe hang out in the sun. Especially if you can find a place to see the tv from outside. Just thinking some more.