Saturday, April 24, 2010

There's a war in my head.

One half is bein' a total baby cuz my neck/throat still really hurt (no auction for me this morning) and I really wanna just curl up under a blanket and sleep all day which is all I've done so far. But the other part of my head keeps telling me how high the stack of dishes is in the sick and keeps reminding me of the fact that it's beautiful outside and I should get out there while it's nice - there's weedeating that needs to be done, plants that need to be moved, burn piles that need burnin', and weekends only last two days... you know how it is.

But so far the half that wants to stay in under the blankies is winning.. but with great guilt.

Update a couple hours later: Ok, I roused myself and tried. But apparently the weedeater battery charger is dead. A trip to the home store is in my near future.

But for now.. I have an issue and it's drivin' me crazy. Somebody has been shootin' in the field behind my house all day long. I have no idea what he's shootin' at but he's been gettin' steadily closer and is usin' up a fortune in ammo. I've heard at least a hundred rounds so far and it's startin' to get on my nerves... and I'm sort of glad not to have to work outside right now.

If my throat didn't hurt so much I'd go yell at 'em *grin* But for real.. I've had enough of the bang-bang... I think I may need to go take a pill. Either that or call the law.


Stacie said...

I had that same war going on last weekend when this neck pain started. I mowed the front and back lawn even though I could barely move my head. I took my daughter outside to play and did housework.

I'm stubborn like that. Takes a lot to keep me down.

I really hope you start to feel better soon.

Kath said...

I know you live out in the country but I'd call the local police on your shooter. Even the kind of actions that are considered locally/culturally normal can turn dangerous, if not for you then someone else.

I used to live in a neighborhood where on major holiday celebrations people shot off guns toward the sky. That is soooo much more dangerous that people realize. (Hello - what goes up muse come down!) And many people don't understand just how far a bullet can travel too.


Girl-call the law. I'm just thinking that guys with guns and no sense are not the ones you want to piss off. Just thinkin...better to keep a low profile with the gun folks. Or give them another target!

Be well