Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mmm hmmm.

This is how to live right. I had me a cup of good coffee and i talked myself into going out to the hot tub. It snowed last night and I haven't been able to get warm to save my life so it took a lot of talking but i finally convinced myself it would be worth it. So out I went. It's a breezy, cold morning, but pretty. The tub was a little over full so I decided to fire up all engines *grin* and let the water slosh over the sides. I hardly ever turn on all the jets and bubbles, but this morning I did and that water was boiling. I stayed out there extra long and watched the birds and sun and I talked with God.

Then I came in and put on fresh, warm jammies and I'm gonna stay in em all day long. And right now I'm gonna make some scrambled eggs to go with that last bit of the easter ham - then do some good spring cleaning.

And I am blessed.

Update 20 minutes later... one of those eggs was a double yolker.. i can't remember the last time i had got one of those! i think someone is tryin' to send me a message.. and message is received. sometimes it's the little things. I gotta go eat now. Enjoy your day :)


Kath said...

Everyone needs a pajama day once in a while - it's good for your sanity!

But mmmm...ham sounds good. Think I'll have that for dinner! (Should be a nice follow up to the artery-clogging cinnamon rolls I ate for breakfast AND lunch. :/)

Stacie said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I hope it turned out as well as it sounds :)