Thursday, April 8, 2010

I got a Shark!

Oh, did I forget to mention? Yup.. the other day I ordered one of those Shark portable steam cleaners. It was in the mail when I got home last night and I went shark crazy :) . It didn't do as well on my glass oven door as the commercial shows.. but I'm gonna give it one more chance tonight cuz it was quite built up with crud.. but it was pretty good on everything else. It works amazingly well on stainless steel, counter tops and cupboards, inside the microwave - but that's all I've gotten to so far. My arm did get a little tired after cleaning the whole kitchen with it (including the lamp over the table!) but it is kind of like magic and you don't have to really scrub at all. It even takes off stains that my other liquid cleaners didn't! The other thing I love about it is that it comes with a bag to hold all the gadgets and cleaning gear - just fill with water, plug it in and you're on your way... I'm gonna be a danger with it this weekend :)

And the weekend is almost here. Boss lady is out today and tomorrow ::HUGE sigh of relief:: so it feels like a holiday today. I think I'll go get a Diet pepsi to celebrate :) Can't wait to get home to my new sharkie though :)

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