Sunday, April 11, 2010

So you're wondering about the porch?

Me too. Last I knew the "contractor - and i use that term loosely at this point" called me two weeks before the agreed upon start date and wanted to start early. With half cash down. I said sure cuz I really didn't want to have to wait another minute if i didn't have to and scrambled to get the cash together by the next day which he said was fine. But he never showed up or called the next day - or any day after that. I figured it was bad weather and he'd just start when it got better which was cool. But he didn't. So i called. He didn't answer. I called and left messages asking what was going on. He didn't return the calls. I finally got word yesterday from a third person that he's "busy" now and hasn't got time.

Allrighty then... fine craftsmanship, yes - but integrity - not so much.

Better to learn that now than half way through a job. Right? But I have to admit and can't pretend otherwise - I'm really disappointed.

So anyway. I got the written version of my suit against my work - and wow! And they are fast! I read through that paper about 20 times yesterday - have to go to the notary and send it out tomorrow - but I am absolutely blown away by the power and impact of how it was written. NYS Division of Human Rights lawyers rock and I can't tell you what a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. They "get it" and totally understand what my job is doin' to me. And they're tryin' to really help me. Finally.

But first I have to see the state doc tomorrow - as demanded by my work with the threat of termination if I don't show up for the appointment. ::sigh::

I just gotta keep rememberin' - I am blessed.


Kath said...

Wow, that "contractor" sounds like the kind that I deal with here! So are you going to take your business elsewhere?

Glad the suit is moving forward, it's nice to see you have someone in your corner at last. And I'm sure seeing the state doc is annoying, but as long as you just keep jumping through the hoops those turkeys have nothing to hold against you, all the right is on your side.

Eve said...

I'm glad that things are moving along with the suit. Hang in there.

As for the contractor, if he's already unreliable can you imagine what he'll be like when he has your money in hand?

Julie said...

Wow, thankfully you didn't give that contractor any money yet! Have you started looking for another one yet?

As for the suit- you go girl!


You are certainly sharing your days with some interesting characters- mornings with old lady birthday greetings, bitchy state doctors, just "super" co workers! Well, at least you aren't spending time with the squirelly contractor. Good gracious Girl you gotta laugh-it is just so absurdly -I can not even think of a word!!!! Take care