Monday, March 29, 2010

A new morning.

Yes it is. But I'm not going to work. I feel a little better but still shaky and I think it best not to push it. And ya never know which day it is that's gonna bring what you need. Right? So here I am. Now what? I was gonna make an appt today to go back to one of the counselors I went to for years, but they didn't really do any good then so why do I think things would be different now when it's worse? ::sigh::

but I know - "this too shall pass".

Maybe I'll bake a cake today. Maybe not. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Take it easy today. Have a good day (with or without cake)!

Kath said...

Baking is good. Or something in a crockpot that sends out delicious smells for hours! I'm thinking that's on my agenda for this week 'cause that's the only way I'll survive this next rainstorm with my sanity intact!

Karen said...

Hope you had a nice relaxing day yesterday. Hope you have a good one today, or at least figure out how to make it through partially intact. (If you figure it out, let me know.) hehe.

At least the weather here is supposed to be nice. I will be able to look at it through my window.

Sending out good thoughts and hugs to you. I will be thinking of you when I have my first cocktail this evening, around 5:10, the minute I walk in the door.

Oh by the way, I had to stop at the store the other day and buy a bottle of tequila. You are such a bad influence, which just happens to be my favorite kind of influence.

Kat said...

Loves to you! Take whatever mental health time you need. Don't forget about the solar porch lights! :P

(I think I may have to find some...)

Sheepish Annie said...

Probably for the best that you decided to stay home and not risk bringing back any more anxiety. I hope things are going better for you now. ::hugs::

Gigi said...

Hope you're having a good day!