Thursday, April 1, 2010

I sure wish I had a porch.

I'm hopin' pretty soon cuz it sure is GORGEOUS out there! It must be a freak of nature but it was sunny and about mid 70 today. I got to enjoy it for a minute. These days I'm either workin' or asleep. It's gettin deep there, but I have a ray of hope. I've talked to several outsider (meaning public, not in house) legal types who have a running tally of what they're doin' wrong.. I've had lots of talks with lots of legal type people who know of what they speak, and if I can hang in there long enough, this might all work out in the end. It's definitely gonna be interesting and I'll reveal all when I can. ya never know who's reading.... but until then, it's gonna be hell. Pure, living, hell.

so until tomorrow, cocktails on the front concrete steps and lookin' at the pretty colored solar lights - for a minute.

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Karen said...

Hope you enjoyed your lights. Have a good Friday and a great weekend.