Sunday, January 24, 2010

yeah well.

So much for great. I tried... but I've been sick to my stomach worried all day about goin' to work tomorrow. I thought it might be the flu, but then I realized it's more likely a combo of my iron bein' really low and I'm stressed to death and feelin' half crazy cuz about this whole work thing. I've done nothing wrong but be a surviving "victim" of one of their doctors. It's been quite a battle for more than a year or two and now we're at the point of talking harassment and them wanting me to take a demotion because I have residual medical issues and can't do the job they forced me into even already knowing I couldn't and they shouldn't.

If I can't find some way to make them stop movin' me wherever and whenever they want without payin' any attention to what the doctor says - I might not have a choice but to let the doctor take me out cuz I sure can't keep this up. And after 30 years of fightin' my way to where I'm at - I will not take a voluntary demotion because of them.

But the mac and cheese was pretty great even if I couldn't eat much hehehe.

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Same thing happened to me at the bank (had been there 10 years). My job had me traveling 25 weeks a year and working 70 hrs/wk without a raise and then-I found out I had cancer. One emergency surgery later (and 7 weeks recovery) & I came back to bosses who wanted to demote me because the idea that I MIGHT DIE and as such was no longer dependable.

I was forced into a demotion, pay cut and later forced out. Afterwards I learned that I didn't have to make it so easy. And if I hadn't, I could have drawn unemployment.

Hang in there. Don't sign anything. Tell them you need to consult your attorney. Ask for everything in writing.

And remember-they can't eat you. What is happening there is not the worst thing compared to things in the rest of the world. And most importantly, if you can't take it, you can leave. It might feel like you shouldn't, but you can.

Take care. Will keep good thoughts for you tomorrow. Man, mac and cheese sounds good. Maybe tomorrow night!