Sunday, January 24, 2010


Not only did I smell good, I slept really well last night. It's amazing to me how much more restful I sleep with that feather bed topper.. who knew? The sun is shining, I've had breakfast and two cups of coffee and I'm gonna have a great day. I don't know how or what yet.. but it's gonna be great. *grin* I was just watching the "forbidden" channel on tv.... hehehe, and I realize why I love watching these shopping channels so much. Sometimes the item they are tryin' to sell is just SO hideous - it's fascinating to watch them try to make it sound fabulous. On live tv... hehehe and sometimes they have a little trouble and I have to grin a little in spite of their misery.

Because I know that misery :: laughing:: it's a little like trying to find something to blog about when you don't live on a big ole cattle ranch, or have super cute kids or a gaggle of cute farm animals, or a new book release, or at least somethin' to talk about on a slow day. Know what I mean? Yet I can't not blog.. hehhehe... I know, I know. I'm a nut.

If only it were a little warmer. This business of the cold and snow is gettin' a little old. Well... guess i'll go see what trouble I can get myself into today. I wish. *grin*

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