Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dang, this house smells good!

I'd sure make someone a fine wife... yeah, I slapped myself for sayin' it, but it's true. hehehe. After debating all day I finally decided to go ahead and make some mac and cheese to use up some leftovers. I just took it out of the oven. Not sure how it's gonna taste cuz I just kind of threw it together, but it looks promising. And heck, I'm not gonna lie, I even cooked some bacon to sprinkle over the top... mmmmm. Hahaha.

Anyway. I decided tonight is also gonna be a spa night. It's been reallllyyyyy stressful at work and likely to get worse come Monday, so I'm takin' comfort where I can. So today I just putzed around, made comfort food and next I'm gonna have a bubble bath as awesome as I can make it with candles, nice music and all my pretty lotions I got from Santa*grin*. I might be bored but I sure will smell pretty. We'll move on from there to an exciting night of tv from my very warm and comfy bed, also thanks to Santa. But then again, what am I gonna watch? Since I have to get a new furnace now, I've put myself on punishment and not allowing QVC to be on at least until I get my taxes back and the only other channel fit to watch is all about fooood. *grin* Maybe I'll just go read somethin'.

So that's my wild Saturday night. And you?

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Me, cleaned house, did laundry, made my GO TO dinner, played a card game called Loot, and watched "United States of Tara"(3 episodes). In bed & asleep by 9-and I live in the city.