Thursday, January 21, 2010

I was in here ya know.. that's me, lower left :)

I was just lookin' thru some pictures cuz I'm havin' cocktails and had nothin' else to do - but I just saw a special on the travel channel about this shisha place in Egypt and I realized - I WAS THERE! hehehe.... except it wasn't until I just saw the special that I really realized it was a men only... kind of deal... hehehe.. I kind of figured it out at the time cuz I was gettin' some strange looks, and I was the only female in there, but the shisha was callin' and the backgammon was fun... and that second picture - it was a different day walkin' down the street in Cairo and lo and behold, got invited to smoke the local special shisha - hehehe - what can I say?? I'm a social type girl so I did and it was good and that's all I can say about that. *grin*

I found a lot of pictures I'd forgotten about.. you could be in trouble now :)(

As for work. Icy silence. I do believe some people are talkin' right about now, but vewy, vewy, quietwy. And tomorrow I move back in the office with the boss. Please pass the shisha :)

AHHHHHH! I just found out that even tho they look cropped, if you click on the pics you can see the whole thing. Cool! hehehe

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Karen said...

Hope you have a tolerable Friday and great weekend. Enjoy your pictures and cocktails.