Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We've gone one step higher. It's gonna get ugly at work real quick. Like 8:15am tomorrow morning. But what they're doing isn't right and I'm not the only one that thinks so.. matter of fact that are several in high places who agree with me completely and right now it's allll out there. Liars have been called out. We're talkin' harassment and discrimination. And yes, God help me, I'm havin' wayy too many cocktails tonight - is there ANY way it was at all possible to not? No. but I will continue to fight for what's fair in the morning. I know many will say give up, but I will not. Please say a prayer. Amen. And thank you.



I don't know if you'll see this before work but your best weapon is icy calm. I know it isn't what you feel but it takes away their power. It is time to start saying to them, in response to everything, "In light of previous misunderstandings I am requesting that you put your complete instructions in writing. Once I have the opportunity to read it through carefully I will be happy to comply. I also believe that in light of those same previous misunderstandings I will do the same for the information I have been trying to convey to you. I then feel the union and HR should receive copies. We can no longer rely on the better natures of our coworkers." Then be quiet. If they start to say any thing else just make eye contact and keep quiet. When they shut up, ask if you need to formally request a written documentation from them. Keep quiet-think about dogs in costumes or heck, I don't know, but don't think about them. Take care. Will be thinking about you until we hear again!

Karen said...

I know you are probably at work and in the thick of it already. I agree with Rollerwriter. Nothing that your boss says can be trusted and having it in writing will help protect you from anymore lies in the future.

Good luck today, I think it's great you are fighting for what's right and for what you have coming to you and deserve. I know it has been hard on you, hang in there.

I will be thinking of you today.

Prayers and hugs.

Sheepish Annie said...

Holy crap! I miss a day or two and all heck breaks loose! I'm hoping that everything went all right today and that the people who support you stepped up when needed. I'll think good thoughts for you even if it's after the fact.