Sunday, January 3, 2010

I live in Alaska.

Apparently. I just looked out the window and it's a frozen tundra out there with a side of blizzard action. I haven't been out of this house in days... I'm stranded with an empty fridge (sheesh, good thing I knew to stock up on limes..) and a mouse in the oven. Don't worry... its off, but i hear him. I have the stove surrounded with a moat of mouse poisons and I have one eye glued to the big pretty kitty at all times to make sure SHE doesn't eat it.....

And here I was all caffinated, carbonated and fortified to go out there and shovel a path into the great new world of 2010. Till I saw it. hehehe Not gonna happen. It looks really cold and really snowy :::shudder::: If I get inspired later I'll post a pic. So There's still tomorrow - I have done nothing all this long weekend and tomorrow's my last day off but what can ya do? A blizzard is a blizzard. Maybe I should make some cookies? Oh wait.. no eggs... hmmm. I'll keep thinkin'. This is a most unusual thing for me to be out of anything ::laughing:: Ok, gotta go check out mr. mouse. wish me luck.

Noon update: All is quiet with mr. mouse, but trying to shovel a path through two feet of snow about gave me a heart attack. Especially since it's still snowing and blowing so hard it was filling in faster than I could take it out. But all is not lost - I foraged in the big freezer and found a package of hotpockets. Who knew! Sure wish I knew they were there yesterday.. hehehe... but they're good today too. And now I'm full. And weary. And frozen. And the snowplow just went by again. And yes, I would say I might just have the teensiest case of CABIN FEEEVVVEERRRRRR... why do you ask??


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Good luck with Mr. Mouse. I'm wondering if all the building noise upstairs finally got rid of ours. Or else he's 'holed' up somewhere for the duration. :)

Please be careful if you do go out though, it's mighty cold! I can't remember it being this cold this soon. Or this much precipitation. It usually doesn't start for us until February.

Just huddle down, stay hydrated and weather the storm. You've got your internet, TV, and Stephen King. xxoo

Kath said...

Would you believe one of my island friends really did move to Alaska several years ago? And now lives in a log cabin on the edge of the tundra and trains a team of mushing dogs? Seriously. I mean, I look at your weather and think it's crazy cold - I cannot imagine her life!