Monday, January 4, 2010

Still trapped.

Enough already with the snow! The path I worked on had a heart attack over so hard yesterday is gone ::sigh:: I. Must. Reach. Civilization. TODAY! ::laughing:: I've got three cups of coffee under my belt and I'm gonna get out there soon (I keep saying that...) and get to work. I'm tired already. Good thing I had this one last day of vacation 'cuz I'd never have made it to work and they wouldn't have believed I couldn't get out. ::another sigh:: but tomorrow will be here soon enough. So I've decided that for my treat today, when i finally reach civilization, is gonna be a huge, hot, philly cheesesteak sandwich. With onions and peppers. It's all I've been able to think about for days now ::laughing:: (how long has this blizzard lasted? I've lost all track of the days at this point). I know.. I have issues... but you should see my empty fridge and that hotpocket yesterday didn't quite do it for me... *grin*.

Noonish update: Victory! I made it out... i saw people!! It's still snowing and I didn't go far, but i had to get to the bank and post office and grocery store. And I got the so called philly cheese steak sub too - and it should have been ashamed.. ashamed I tell you! The sandwich I arrived home with was most definitely not the delish, oozing and overstuffed philly cheese sandwich of my dreams (such thoughts inspired by many hours trapped inside watching Food TV). And for as much as I paid for it, some dreams should have come true. Just sayin'. I know.. I'm so ungrateful. At least I'm full.. And I bought cocktails, cookies and cake too! Hey, I've been trapped!!! I was seeing hallucinations of yummy foods and I was a little out of control when I finally got to the store... hehehe. Yeah, like I said.. issues. Now I have to go rest up. I thought I might break out the Wii, but then I thought again and my sore muscles started a protest. I hope to work the up the energy for a hot shower and that's the best I can hope for. Tomorrow will be here in a minute.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Glad you made it out, but also glad you didn't hurt yourself. Ya gotta be careful in this stuff. I hear more is coming for us but especially North of us ... means you girly. So stock up as much as you can before Friday, ok? I'll be checking on you. xxoo

Kath said...

There is no where to get a decent philly cheesesteak sub where I live. Try my method - make your own! It is SO worth the effort!