Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heaven help me. Prayin' on my knees in the morning.

Some people will tell me I'm whining... no doubt - and I don't really care. There's a lot of things this girl can take and some that she can't - like having my boss accuse me of bein' a liar, cuz that is one thing I'm NOT. And I shouldn't have to spend 20 minute at work defending my character. Even when i have the proof in front of her face that I did the right thing, she won't back down or apologize. Of course.. that's because she had no idea that I HAD the proof..... And last week I found she was changing the accruals she entered on my time card and instead of entering it as vacation like she was supposed to, she was putting in sick time and not telling me. Until this last payday when I insisted on a copy of the time clock print out, and I wrote to HR to tell them and they finally told her she was wrong and I could use what I wanted to. And there's so much more... just not enough energy to write it.

As if I am not sick to freakin' death of having to eat xanax every single freakin' morning just to get myself there in the first place. Then spend my day doin' the very best I can manage to do at a job that is just insane. Even though I had to call in sick today - I'm still so angry I'm shaking. Please God, I only have to make it 5 more years.. please help me find a way.

And I also found out last night my dad is pretty sick.... he's too sick to talk on the phone - he's been on oxygen for a few years now, has emphysema and now has bronchitis although I suspect pneumonia. Please, please God. You know my heart today. Amen.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I can't believe that we work in the places we do and they let people like this get away with this kind of stuff.

Sorry I've been away for a while. So busy and now this stuff with the Haiti earthquake. I'm SO tired!

Prayers going out to you and your Dad my friend. xxoo


Sweetie, she was not only wrong-she broke the law. We need to chat. Can you get copies of other altered timecards? We need to chat.
Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

Mia said...

Take a deep breath then talk to a someone. Like Rollerwriter said, what she did is illegal. My thoughts are with you and your dad.