Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coffee Break Time

I'm so tired I literally can't keep my eyes open. Have I mentioned how much I hate xanax? Well I do. I had a different post up from last night, but it's never good to blog after cocktails ::laughing:: cuz you don't remember what you wrote when you get up the next morning. Or understand it hehehe. My post was innocent enough, but still... words to the wise *grin*.

And speaking of coffee - I had to actually go buy a cup yesterday. Regular little coffee kiosk here at work. One medium plain ole regular coffee was $2.11. Now will someone please tell me how that can possibly be legal? That's just insane and I refuse to pay it. Good thing I have my little coffee pot here (but I can't find it cuz it's packed and no sense unpacking till I hear what's going on around here). But I only have one little k-cup left. I'm trying to hold off, but I think now might be the time to put that sucker in there and have me some caffeine.

Ok, my 2 1/2 minute break is over - back to the chain gang.... well, if you can call one person chained to their desk a gang.... Whatever :)


Karen said...

Hope your day gets better. If nothing else, you are getting closer to cocktail hour.

Have a good one.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm not allowed to have a coffee maker at school anymore. As you can imagine, things get rather "grim" by 10:00...

Hope things "perk" up for you! (Ha! I kill me!!!!)

Mia said...

yeah sheepie - that WAS a good one - lmao :)