Friday, January 29, 2010

It's snowing and 18 Degrees

So I'm off today to have the new furnace put in. It took her a week, but the boss finally approved the day. I went out early and shoveled off a path to the porch. And guess what? The guys were exactly on time. Cool. We talked and then they did their thing and started takin' apart my furnace and doin' man stuff and they said I could go do my thing. Yes amen!, that's just what I hoped they'd say cuz I don't like to be around greasy, furnacy, fuel, icky stuff of any kind. *grin*

And then they both came inside and said they couldn't do the job today. "huh?" I should have known. This is how things go for me. It started yesterday when they called and said the furnace wasn't in yet.. we waited and it finally came in on the truck at the last minute so we could go ahead and get it installed today. They said it was actually better than what I ordered because the other was out of stock. Anyway.. it seems there's yet another part they found out they need to order. Apparently this isn't one of those easy old one out, new one in kind of deals. They're talkin' cement stuff on the roof and temperatures and vents, and something about havin' to rehook the air conditioner in the spring.

So they'll be back next week. They old man assured me I didn't have to be there - "just leave the door open" he says. um. yeah, I could... or maybe not. Besides, the other guy with him was sorta interesting. About my age, tall, great mustache and no ring... and a little shy. He liked the hot tub. hehehe. Maybe I just might want to be there... and makin' sure to wear my "good" jeans that day. ::laughing:: But oh mercy, I'm SO sure my boss is gonna believe I have to take another day off to get this done 'cuz it was too cold today. Well, what can ya do? And what shall I do with the rest of this day off ? I can't let it go to waste ;)

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Kath said...

Oh yes, I think you DO need to be there when Mr. Furnace Man returns! ;)