Friday, November 6, 2009

Problem - Need help QUICK!

Ok, so remember when I said my cat wasn't getting a playmate? I'm afraid I'm trying to be convinced otherwise (my fingers are still frozen from being outside so I cant type good). But I was taking something to my car and heard meowing - the front door was open so I thought it was my cat who has NEVER gone outside. but the meowing was louder than it should have been and didn't stop. It was coming from under my car - I kicked the car and out came a tiny baby kitty. There are lots of feral cats around here so I assume it belong to one of them, but this little thing followed me right to my door and sat there meowing after I came in. I went back out - what can I DO??? - and gave the little thing some dry cat food which it went right too and started eating. The little kitty won't let me quite touch it, but I don't want to leave it - yet I don't want another! I'm half thinking about putting it in a carrier and taking it to work then leaving half day and taking it to the vet - but then I'll OWN it and I don't want another.

Oh lordy, help me. just minutes before the bus and I don't want to leave that little critter out there. But I might have to. At least until I get home from work and if it's still around, I'll have to decide then.

But it's so tiny, and it's so cold.. even a few flakes starting to fly.. I hear it meowing.... woe is me....

15 minutes later: Code red. Seriously. I went back out, saw the food was gone and no sign of kitty, so i went to the car. Then I stopped. Just to make sure, I kicked the car. Sure enough I hear "meow". Baby wouldn't come out till I crouched down and called him/her. I tried to pet it, but it was skeered, but after a few tentative brushes past my fingers, he/she let me pick him up and cuddle and I heard a little purr. Oh GREAT. NOW what? I had to leave for work! Well I took the little thing down to the barn where I had put my dog's little cage w/fleece. I put the kitty in there but left the door cracked so it could get out if it wanted, although it was checking out the new digs and didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave.... He's an odd looking little kitty, only about 8 weeks old, mostly grey short hair, black and grey striped tail like a raccoon, four little white paws, and a strange patch of brown fur down it's back - kind of looks like one of its parents may have been a werewolf or something. Just sayin'. I guess if it's still there when I get home... well.. we shall see what we shall see. Lord have mercy.



Darling sometimes I think our pets choose us. Rescuing a dog or cat makes us think we are doing something goood, and it is, but it is our heart that is enriched. I am not a cat person but years ago a kitten followed me from car to door and then ran around to my sliding glass door and watched me. We ended up taking him in and never regreted it. Sometimes our hurt souls need to be reminded of the healing power of unconditional love and the fineness of caring for a creature who needs you. You have too much love for one poor cat to satisfy. When you consider that my cousin has dedicated her life to cat rescue and herself has 26, 2 doesn't seem too extreme.

You are so very tender hearted.
Be well.

Kath said...

Congratulations - you have a new cat! :P

Seriously though, if the kitty is that young even if it was born of a feral mama, socializing it would be easy. And it sounds like your adult cat really does need a companion, perhaps she's lonely since without the dog? I think you should go for it and see if this works out.