Thursday, November 5, 2009


Is there a world out there? I wouldn't know. I think I've hit a wall. I've been going to bed within an hour of getting home most nights this week. It could be the season change. Maybe overdose on the candy (tho that's probably not it since I haven't opened any). It could be the incessant and never ending meowing of a very large kitty who I can't seem to please no matter what I do (and no, she will not be getting a playmate). Or it could be work which continues to be its crazy and insane self. Not only were those extra hours cut, as of yesterday the whole sitter program was discontinued basically because they have no idea what they (administration) is doing with it.

good by extra money fantasy land.

And now I find myself at work - and sick to DEATH of sitting by myself all day long, doing EXACTLY the same thing EXACTLY the same way every single day. You know the kind of wall I'm at... the kind where you just can't do it one. more. single. time. without hurting somebody. Just sayin'. I'l try not to hurt 'em toooo bad.


Kath said...

Oh ye gods yes. I have been in such a funk this week that even small moments of good don't seem to register. I am TOTALLY blaming the time change. At least for now!


It may be time to consider either adding your name to the caretaker's list for the local Agency on Aging and taking on some private clients or, and I vote this way, time to start volunteering at something as far removed from your current job as possible. You are not getting the ego chips you need from work. You can't leave that job right now but you can put your considerable skills to work for the greater good. Share your love and talent to those who could never afford you. The darkness and cold may start closing in if you don't take steps now to brighten your life. You are too extraordinary to keep to yourself.