Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's been two whole days.

Since I told the wench secretary: "hey, it's cool. Take the days you need and enjoy the holiday". She hasn' t had the decency yet to even jot back a "thanks".

I swear. I have a bunch of kitty pics to show soon when I have energy to do it. They are keepin' me very, very busy.

Only 3 more days then a whole week off to do whatever I wanna. I don't know yet what I wanna, but if I figure it out, I can! So there.

8:03- Guess I might as well go to bed. Only 5 more days till hi-def TV... hehehe.


Karen said...

She sounds like an ungrateful wench who thought she was entitled to the time of because her plans.

Sorry you did such a nice thing and it wasn't appreciated. I'm not as nice as you, I would have told her and your boss to suck it.

I'm so jealous you get the whole week off. Just Thursday and Friday for me. I plan on putting myself into a food induced coma and hope my clothes fit come Monday morning.

Love to see some kitties.

Have a good one.


2 days now. Enjoy. I have in-laws coming to town and they will require a few command performances. Not what I had hoped for this year.

How about taking extra time around New Years since you lost your other time? Maybe plan something good to yourself for the new year?

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Hon we are in the final countdown to our WELL DESERVED time off. I'm out from 11/20 until 12/2 and champing at the bit for it to start. Got lots to do with wrapping, cleaning, organizing, mailing, writing and such so I'll be VERY busy. At least it's busy at the things I WANT to do. :)

Funny how some people can be so ignorant and not even realize they are. Lift your chin ... act like it doesn't bother you ... and keep on trucking my girl! You're better than any of them and they know it. She reap the day off, but you will reap far greater treasures in Heaven. xxoo

Kath said...

Hmmmm...I can come up with a better word for her than "wench". ;)

I just gave up my Thanksgiving off, buuuuuuttt...I don't have to show up on that day until 4pm, work only 5 hours (during which I WILL be totally playing the pity card in the hopes someone will bring me food or perhaps buy drinks after work), and got a different day off in exchange that will be useful for me.

Good for you to have a week off! I expect you will make the most of it!


I have an idea! Since it is obvious that truth and common sense are not working for you try...killing em with kindness. Come back from vacation a changed woman. Go into your boss and say "I know things between us have been stressful and I regret that. I realize my role is to make your life here better and I intend to do everything I can to make that true. I hope you will agree that you and I just need a fresh start. Then say thank you and leave the office. Become the cheerful one. Every stupid assignment-thank you & smile. Stuff like the vacation-wow I can see you are in a tuff spot. I trust you to make the best decision for all of us (since you were going to give up the days anyway). Stupid people are just like us-they want allies at work.
Think about it. After all the definition of a mental illness is when we keep doing the same thing but expect a different response.

Take care!