Sunday, November 15, 2009


Little baby kitty claw puncture wounds HURT! And I have many... suddenly she's afraid of the big pretty kitty. ::sigh:: It's gonna work out but it's gonna be a long process. But it's ok. It's kinda fun tryin' to get them to the point where they'll play together... but oh the kitty claw scars I'll have on my wrists by then. hehehe.

And now I think I'm gonna put on the espresso machine, make myself a broccoli and cheese omelet and enjoy my day... and I wish the blessing of an excellent day to anyone who's reading this. Amen.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

A blessed day to you too, my friend. That omelet sounds heavenly. I'm actually making hard boiled eggs cause I've got such a craving for them.

Treat those wounds well, ya hear? xxoo

Jamisyn said...

I feel ya on the puncture wounds...I'm covered in scars from my kitten. I even have one on my boob....don't ask. Ok, I'll tell; sort of low cut shirt, kitten fell off the back of the couch-forward-onto my chest and one of her back claws got me...2.5" scar straight down my boob. Oh yeah, kittens are great. I wouldn't change a thing though. She's sitting here on my lap as I type this. Hope big kitty gets over it.

Kath said...

Yeah those kitten claws are like tiny needles aren't they? And the thing with kittens is they haven't learned any control yet so they are just spastic little beasties! But they are cute - which is how they manage to survive to adulthood!

I was part of running our local animal shelter for a couple years - a VERY hands-on experience. I have much experience with getting clawed and my best advice is wash well and use liberal amounts of Neosporin!