Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Turkey day.Right about now I wish i was cookin'a whole turkey cuz I'd be bustlin' around in the kitchen by now, but the little turkey breast I'm gonna cook isn't gonna take very long so I have to wait.

Sheesh, what a week this has been. The cable situation, broken computer and yesterday I woke up to find I had no hot water. And I also found it's not so easy to find help when you need it. Judgement Day is gonna be a bitch for some people. Just sayin'.

Anyway, pretty much all is fixed now so i'm tryin' hard to get back that festive vacation excitement I had at the beginning of the week and make the best of the few days I have left. And I'm debating about going out to the mall tomorrow just for the fun of it (and the danger of the crowds). I've already spent to much but I don't care. Life is short and I can pay off the credit card next month. hehehe. The only problem is, wish all the early sales, I can't figure out which one to hit first IF I even go... but I'll figure it out. Enjoy your day and make sure to eat Waaayy too much. Amen.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I did a turkey breast in the crockpot and it smells heavenly in here.

Aw, go on, go to the mall even if it's just to watch the madness. You know you'll enjoy it.

I'm going to eat til I can't move. Come on Turkey Coma! :) xxoo

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I left a comment but Blogger said there was an internal error. Can you see it? I can. What's a girl to do? :) xxoo

Kath said...

Oh dude - lack of hot water in November is no joke. Particularly in your part of the world. That would just about send me over the edge. Pity the plumber that turns me down then!

Glad it all worked out and things are going better but seriously - I'd pass on the Black Friday crowds if I were you. It doesn't look like any fun at all. :(