Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talk about PANIC.

I'm still in my jammies, but gettin' stuff ready for work, and I went to put something in my purse. But I couldn't find it... I looked and looked and looked. It HAD to be here somewhere. But it wasn't. My heart was pounding, I couldn't figure it out.... where could it BE??????

Have mercy. Then on the off chance, I threw on some slippers (after removing the catnip toy from the toe of one) and ran to my car in the dark. And there it was. Apparently I was in such a state by the time I got home I left it in my unlocked car overnight and had no idea.

Oy. It's gonna be a rough day today, and the boss most certainly didn't like me closing her office door so I could have privacy, and she already heard enough to know what was up so I'm not gettin' any brownie points there - but hey, I found my purse! Any other problems I come up against today will be tame compared to almost losing your bag. Amen.


Karen said...

I'm sorry they are being so shitty to you. You may have to get a lawyer involved if they keep dicking you around.

I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of leaving, you've worked to long and hard to give in with only 6 years to go when you get all you have coming to you.

I hope they do what is right.

Have a good one.

By the way, I did the same thing with my purse just two days ago. I freaked. Lost the remote agian too.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Glad you found your purse, that would panic me too. Our whole world is in that thing, isn't it?

Thanks for sending the cooling breezes yesterday. Our temps never really got out of the lower 60's and I loved every minute of it. Made for some nice sleeping weather last night too. xxoo