Friday, October 2, 2009


Oh yes.. that's the only way to describe the day. Actually, it's an understatement. Boss lady was not pleased because I had shut her door for MY privacy and decided to confront me before I had even had my first sip of coffee in the morning. I had also left two of the thousands of faxes a day I send - i didn't get to it because of the call from HR and I was an emotional mess. The boss now says that if my "personal" calls are interfering with getting my work done then I'm not to be on the phone. I've already been told I can't leave the office except for my lunch. When I told her it was a work related call, she said if something was going on at work then she needed to know about it. I said "no. you don't."

Also seems she's spying, what time I go to the bathroom and how long I take, my conversations, what time I do about everything... so crazy!!! I mean really.. what does she hope to gain?? I always say just go ahead and write me up, I could really care less. Absolutely nothing will happen except a paper gets put in a file that no one ever looks at.... three times she's threatened over this two months I've worked there, but she knows it's not warranted and so hasn't done it. She and I had quite some words yesterday as well. I told her I felt like a prisoner in a cage since I've worked in her department. She told me she didn't appreciate my "sarcasm". I told her there was a difference between being sarcastic and telling it the way it is.

In the meantime... friends have seen the condition I've been in lately and are concerned. I mentioned a while back friends in higher places and it seems there's a very good chance... tricky with all the politics and budgets and such... but a slight chance I can be moved to their area although my current boss hasn't got a clue. The people in the other area want me, they know all about my anxiety and understand... and I want to go there. It's just not gonna work out where I am. I try to imagine being stuck there even another month and it makes me physically sick. But it's such a tricky, political, ego filled situation... who knows. And it could happen over night or take months. I'm just prayin' for the best. Just give me a place where I can do my work well, please the people I work for without bein' drugged half to death, and make it for 6 more years. (and at least 40 years after that to enjoy it all) Amen.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Seriously girl, do we work in the same alternate world office or something? My supervisor has been up my butt so much lately too. Everywhere I go and whomever I talk to, there she is. Was in the conference room today putting together training materials and there she came with the excuse she had to put some books down for a minute. W T F? Was talking to someone in the hall and there she was, butting into the conversation and giving her false laugh. I just don't know about these people sometimes. Hoping and praying it settles down for both of us soon. xxoo


My experience in the last 2 large companies I worked for was that the up your butt manager was usually hiding something that you were in the best position to find out. One was an embezzeler who bankrupt the company and screwed all our clients and employees, the other was a banker who had a different set of rules for his friends. They both divertes suspicion from themselves by fussing over employee issues. Just saying...