Friday, October 2, 2009

And tonight - a miracle.

I came in the door after work... and realized I had left my little propane heater on all day long!!! On medium even! I hardly ever turn it up from low.. but oh my gosh... I'm on my knees with thankful. I can't believe i did that (yes I can) but so easily it could have gone bad... there's a certain very large, very curious kitty who lives here who has a very fluffy and swishy tail... and there's FIRE in that propane burner.

Oh my gosh.. I'm still shaking. I scared myself and can't believe I did that. TOTALLY freakin' forgot to turn it off this morning. I always double and triple check everything! The doors, the burners... everything. Except today. I still can't believe it and am so blessed nothing bad happened. Had to share it with someone.

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Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Oh so scary! Glad nothing happened. It's the stress making this happen. I've gone to work and had to come home to make sure I turned off the burner on the stove before. Upset my stomach just thinking about it. Good thing I don't work too far away. Praying for you, Hon. xxoo