Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soooooo angry.. but I'm tryin' to calm down.

It's been a trying week.. at best. Today I had a dr. appt at 8:30 (that I've waited a month and a half for). By 10:00 I was still sitting in the little exam room. At 10:15 I left and went to the front desk. I mean I understand things happen and doctors come across things that take time, but I was scheduled for the FIRST appointment of the day! I even got my blood work done last week in an attempt to get through the process as quickly as possible this morning.

Freakin' RIDICULOUS!!!! Not to mention that since this is mainly a chemo center, for the hour I sat there all I could hear was the extremely sorrowful retching and gagging and moaning of the lady in the next room. All I could do was pray for her... I mean... I had the time.

Finally, I walked out after an hour and 45 minutes of waiting. I was SO angry I couldn't even stand still. I STILL can't, but I need to vent until the xanax kicks in. I told the nurses I don't care who or HOW but I've waited a long time to see this doctor, I need my medicine and someone better get a doctor to write some orders so I can start getting it this week - AND assign me to a different doctor. They promised to do both and apologized profusely. But still.

It's gonna get better.. I know. But today I'm just totally pissed off and pretty much mad at the world.



I'm sorry that happened to you. I can certainly understand feeling frustrated. Did the office ever offer an explanation? Are you scheduled to see someone soon? I can remember when waiting hours to see a doctor was not unusual-it tends to be better now. I know you have had a bad experience with doctors and need one who treats you with respect. I'm thinking it wasn't personal. I had a pulminologist who made me wait for over 3 hours one night for my first appointment with him. I sat in the office watching it get dark outside. I was so sick back then. When I finally got into the office I was mad. The appointment progressed and I realized why he was so behind-he took as much time as he needed. He was a great doctor for me. I often waited-to be released from the hospital, in the office but in the emergency room he ran to meet me. Not all doctors are a good fit. Your doctor isn't a god, just acting like one. You were right to leave, but don't let him control the rest of your day. Take care and let me know what happens.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

OMG! We had the SAME kind of day, only I had to deal with a supervisor who thinks I have nothing better to do but to do the work of someone who can't even do their own job! What happened to our wonderful zodiac prediction? When's it gonna start for us? I feel for you my friend. xxoo