Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby,.. it's cold out there.

Burrrski. With all the rain the color has been fading fast from the trees, but it's surely beautiful, and did I mention cold? And I'm gonna admit it.. I tried to hold out but I had to turn the heat on for a minute this morning. Just to thaw my fingers so I could brush my teeth. And I hope you're sitting down because I may actually mention knitting. Yeah, I know! Not much mind you - don't go gettin' all excited, it's just dishcloths, but my little pile is growing. The problem is... exactly what I intended to happen IS happening.... I keep knitting along on the bus (2 days of bus knitting = one dishcloth). I have every intention of building a pile big enough so I can freely offer them to anyone who might want a couple so they can take their pick... so I'm building a colorful little pile just for fun. I like looking at that little stack of colored squares (no circles, they're too hard). I'm waiting till the pile gets big enough for my liking then I'm gonna take a picture to show you so I'll have some proof *grin*.. but the pile keeps shrinking while it's growing. The odd stranger who stops at my house, the lady sitting next to me on the bus, an occasional co-worker. They all have my dishcloths and they ASK for them and I'm thrilled to death... so what am I gonna do... say no, I'm building a pile darn it! So I lose a few and knit like crazy to rebuild that little pile.

Yes, I'm a nut and have lost my mind. I know.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Beautiful picture of Autumn in your neck of the woods. Wish I could actually see something that pretty outside my place. Good to hear that you're knitting again and can't wait to see what you've done. On the bus too? Wow! Can't imagine doing that myself as our buses jostle us all over the place. Potholes and uneven road surfaces ya know. :) We've had a cold snap recently and I may actually have to turn on the heaters myself soon. xxoo

Karen said...

Love the beautiful Fall picture. Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves here haven't started to turn yet. It got cold and snowed Saturday and the leaves all started coming down. The snow is gone and the ground is covered with green leaves. Hopefully the ones that are left will turn before they come down too. So your picture is greatly appreciated.

My grandma taught me to crochet, never could get the hang of knitting. Can't wait to see your pile.

Have a good one.

Kath said...

Wow - gorgeous shot! Nothin' like that in my little corner of the world!