Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I swear, i don't think it's stopped raining since I did my last post from Saturday night. And it's getting colder. I could hardly tear myself away from my blankets to get ready for work cuz I don't turn the heat on until I really HAVE to. Today I'm actually wearing long pants for the first time this fall (and holy crap are they tight!). Anyway.. called the dentist but he can't do much unless I come in, except that with taking the bus and work and all it's not so easy, so I'm gonna wait till next week since I have to get the root canal finished and have that dentist take a quick look at that other wisdom tooth that's hurting. Heck, might as well get my moneys worth! But the root canal jaw is MUCH better, and the other tooth i can live with as long as I have my Motrin strapped to my hip.

Anyway.. let's see, what else can I update ya on? I promise to have some good pics soon - it just seems like I only ever have my camera phone and as you can see below... well... at least blurry is better than nothin', right? hehe.

I turned in the doctors restrictions to my HR department yesterday. He put in writing that he believes they are ignoring my PTSD disability and tried to explain to them what it is. Now I wait. Until then, unfortunately, I am only surviving with (much too much - prescribed, but i still hate it) xanax between the hours of 8 and 4.. and hey, with enough of that and 800 mgs Motrin, a girl can survive pretty much anything *grin*.

Except these tight pants.



Cold here too-and I haven't brought in plants yet but at least I have the rest of the garden produce. Tight pants seem to be another shared problem.
Take care of yourself-consider shawls. I think of mine as portable blankets. Maybe a work snuggie?
Be well.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Send me some cool air would ya? I have the window open, but the wind seems to be blowing everywhere but into it. Maybe it's the machines in the store downstairs. My thermometer on the table shows 80 degrees and I still have the fans on. Ugh!

Tooth pain is the worst. I think it's even worse than the kidney stones I had and that's saying something!

And I thought the pic you took was good. Loved the beams of light coming out the door. xxoo

Kath said...

Tight pants are horrible, especially if you have a sit-down job!