Sunday, September 27, 2009

Party thru the pain.

And I did. What a good little soldier I am. *grin* I looked like a chipmunk face and didn't really feel like partyin' - but I had already volunteered to bring the entertainment so me and my big 'ole bag of fireworks went. The fireworks were way cool, I must say. *grin* They're illegal in this state and can't be bought, but I pass by a fireworks warehouse in PA every time I go down to see my dad. Everyone loved the show, cheered and clapped and thanked me (*blush* I felt like a hero *grin*) and the rain held off till we were done, then we moved to the garage for some serious beer pong playin'. ::laughing:: It was a good time with a huge blazing bonfire and a ton of food but I didn't stay up with the big dogs very long and went home to bed. Yesterday the pain was so bad I was actually thinkin' about going to the ER, but today it's better... so maybe that extra "liquid" I chugged down last night helped. Just sayin'.


Kath said...

I think sometimes if you can get past the pain and be actively doing something it can help. Just about anything to pull your mind away from obsessing about it!

I love watching fireworks from a distance but they kinda scare the bejeepers out of me.

Julie said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better!

I'm with Kath, I have to watch fireworks from a distance.

Karen said...

I'm glad you felt better for awhile.

I'm with you on the fireworks. Every year we make it a point to go and buy some and slip them back over the border. I love fireworks.

I was hoping a liquid diet would help you out. Always helps me.

Have a good week


Isn't it amazing what knowing that the pain might go away even for a little while can do for your soul? I hope you're feeling better. I think physical pain can cause you to pull in everything that feels bad in your life. Self pity(especially when it's warranted) is a slippery slope. I'm proud of you for pushing through it and for understanding that there is a difference between being strong and hurting. Take care of yourself-your too valuable to lose.

Sheepish Annie said...

Sometimes a night out (and a little of the boom 'n bang) is the best medicine. For what it's worth, my root canal pain lasted for a week and then simmered down quite nicely. But if you need to call the dentist again, don't hesitate. He should know if this isn't getting better. Infections in the mouth are something you don't want to fool with, right?

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Sorry to hear you're still in pain, sweet girl. Glad though that you had one whompalooza of a party to try and forget it. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Wishing I could have been there. Was it that cold? I see everyone has a jacket on. Send some of that cold air my way. Love ya! xxoo