Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dentist visit - Fail.

Ok, so during the stress of the past year, i admit i haven't taken as much care with my teeth as I should.. but this is crazy. I was just there six months ago! That's not a terribly long time, is it?? I knew I had a couple cavities and this never ending jaw pain - so since I already had today off, I asked could I be squeezed in and they say yes! So I went... and like practically everyone else in the world.. sat shaking scared and waiting for my turn. And lets face it, we pretty much all hate going to the dentist (except for his 30 something receptionist that as we talked, proudly told me she had never, EVER had so much as ONE filling... I'm still trying to believe that's possible). Anyway.. the problem really is, it's beyond impossible to get time off from work for short appointments like this now that I'm a prisoner to that office and I ride the bus and everything.. it's actually quite a major pain in the ass to remember it all and figure out how to get time off, as well as to and from. Did I say a MAJOR pain in the ass???

So I was not happy to learn that he could only fill one of three fillings today - in addition to that, I have a badly abscessed tooth (aka The Jaw that I went thru a dentist, 3 docs, xrays and CT scans for them to tell me they didn't know why my jaw hurt ::sigh::) and two other teeth that need crowns. And they tell me I have an outstanding balance of $180 although they can't seem to find on their computer what exactly that might have been for.......

I really AM tryin' to count my blessings... but todays news means at least another 4-5 dentist visits - and the root canal has to be done by a different specialist who doesn't participate with my insurance.

Then on my day off - I went to a clothing store. I haven't been inside a mall in probably close to a year, and desperately.. no... more than desperately... need some new clothes for work. I even had a $75 credit, but I could find absolutely nothing I was inspired to even try on, much less buy. And I was really hoping to find something while I finally had a little time and made it to the store... yet I came out with nothing.

Then on my day off - I went to the library. It was closed.

Then on my day off - I went to the pharmacy to get a script filled - they were out of it and I'll have to come back tomorrow.

And now it's only 11:38 and I'm kinda scared to do much else. Karma is killin' me over here.



Oh Sweetie, what a big bunch of suck. Maybe karma was giving you a break-buying clothes when you aren't feeling pretty is never a good thing. 6 months with the dentist is not a long time-how the heck can needing all that work be true? Hope the rest of your day was better.
Take Care

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, I just cringe hearing you talk about the dentist visit! I went through a similar thing a few years ago and still have nightmares about it. But I have to admit that it did feel better once I'd gotten it all taken care of and now I floss so I guess it all worked out. I'll think good thoughts for you!

Logan said...

Yuck. I hate the dentist.

Two days before I started college, I went to my first appointment with a new dentist, after having the same pediatric dentist for my entire life. Turns out the old dentist "missed" NINE cavities over the course of our time together. (And for the record, I went every six months, never skipped one.) I had five filled that day, and the other four the day after. It was miserable.

I get a lot of cavities because I apparently have "soft enamel." Whatever that means. After that experience, I didn't drink soda for two years.