Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And some days ya just need FOOD.

And today I did. So in I've just discovered there are some certain delights to dining alone such as variety and price and not having to eat the same thing for a week... So I'm trying (and believe me, this is NOT easy for me) to un-hoard my completely insanely stocked cupboards, pantry and freezer. Pretty much using what's in it instead of going to the store and adding more. So today I indulged in the delightful part of solo dining.

King David's restaurant, to be exact. It's just up the hill where I work - I always get the Homous and Chicken - oh my.. if you could taste it. For $6.95 you get a huge portion of homous, a pile of roasted, sliced chicken, cilantro and tomatoes.. comes with falafels, cucumber sauce, and two pita breads . And their "homous" as they say.. is truly to die for. I make my own and have had a lot at different places, but this stuff is pure gold. And they give you a ton, plenty for at least two or more meals for me, so I mean, come on...... what's not to like about that???!!!! Last week, and again today, I went up and picked it up at lunch and brought it home for dinner. I think I'm, addicted. But what a great idea to buy it at lunch and just bring it home for dinner! Voila! I don't even have to drive anywhere.. but this stuff is soooo good. You just can't stop eating it. So if you're ever on "the hill" I highly recommend it.

And I'm 48 freakin' years old and have lived alone for more than 3 years and this JUST occurred to me. okaaaayyy then.

Just keeping you informed :)


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

30 years of living alone myself. Still loving it. I get to make and eat what I want to, and I too bring home stuff from Lexington Market for dinner sometimes. I'm hooked on LoMein right now. Seems I can't get enough. Glad you're enjoying yourself too. I'll be unloading my bookshelf pantry during the colder months when I make pots of bean soup and my famous Rice-A-Roni combo. :) xxoo


You are strong and joyful! Do you feel like doing the happy dance that ugliness in not a part of your personal life? Greek food sounds so good right now. While I can make my own...Without King David down the road I indulge in Trader Joe's horseradish hummus, World Market olive bar, garden tomatoes, and fresh feta. Ok, I just ate lunch & I'm hungry again.