Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coffee is gooood.

I'm tryin' to pry myself off the couch this mornin' and get something done. The anemia is again/still kickin my butt. I can't get in to see the doc till the middle of October (yeah, I know) so it's gonna be a while before I can get anymore treatments. I guess I should plan on bein' tired for a while, but it's a weird kind of tired.. I'm not sleepy at all, and my brain wants to do all kinds of stuff.. my body is just too tired to play along.

It's a cool mornin' here. The garden looks sad. So very, very sad. And now that the grass is finally mowed it just looks worse *grin*. I had such high hopes - but seems that there was some kind of tomato blight or somethin' and I only ended up with a handful. And the peas weren't much either. The squash, onions, beets and lavender are great though. Anyone know whens the right time to "harvest" lavender and dry it?

Ok, more coffee, then I gotta go charge up my weedeater. God bless long weekends.

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Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I feel you on the tired part, my friend. It took me a LONG time to snap me out of it. It WAS getting cooler here, but the humidity has come back and it's now raining again. I want the cold, crisp air of Autumn as soon as possible. Hope there's a cancellation and you get to see the doc sooner. I'm loving the extra long weekend too. xxoo