Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm tired of hearing about swine flu.

I swear... the majority of the world at this moment, is sitting on the ground and eating with their hands. The leaders of their countries are only trying to provide food, shelter and clean water for their citizens... and we're worried to death about a flu. And road construction. And making our country the fattest on the face of the earth. I could go on. For days.

There's really somethin' wrong with this picture and more times than I can admit - the country I was born in shames me. Just sayin'.


Kath said...

Amen. That is all.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I hear you loud and clear, my friend. I'm beginning to feel the same way. The streets are not paved with gold anymore, are they? Beginning to feel we are in the 'end times' lately. xxoo


Every year I go to the Traverse City Film festival to feast on documentaries and independent film. The festival was started by Michael Moore who wanted to make his community better. I love when noticing things aren't perfect ISN'T A BAD THING! Democracy is participatory. Thanks for being somebody brave enough to risk shouting the truths you see. There are more like you out here than you might think. Pass it on!
Hope you feel better.
Take care.