Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tracked down

Well, my friends, it seems that there are sneaky people out there in blogland who have taken the time and trouble to track me down. People who know me in real life and used to be friends with, but slowly they kept their distance as my marriage failed, while still secretly reading my blog. So now they've taken the trouble to somehow track me down and subscribed to my blog (you know who you are. obviously). I'm guess gonna have to put an invite only on the blog and I hate to do it.. but I don't like spies. If someone isn't woman enough or compassionate enough to give me a call once in a while with all that I've been going through, or at least make a comment on the old blog within the past year or so to show some support, they sure as hell don't need to sit here and read every feeling of my heart if they're not gonna be a friend.

Some people get their kicks in odd ways.... and I'll never cease to be amazed. But anyway.. just letting you all know that I'm gonna have to change the permissions to invite only... or what do you all suggest? I wanted to leave myself open to meet new people and not have to do that.. but if people out there are so intent on following my life while pretending not to, I have no choice. Or maybe it's a message to just get myself off the internet completely.... I don't know...

As the saying goes.. with friends (and family) like I've had.. who needs enemies???


Jamisyn said...

I don't want you to disappear completely. Screw those people. I guess, at the least, they are reading it. I don't even think my family reads mine...although I don't put anything personal on it. But please, if you feel you need to go to invite only, do it. I enjoy reading your blog and care about you, even though you are a stranger to me! Invite me if you go private!!

Karen said...

I don't know what is wrong with some people. Why if they know you in real life and have decided to cut ties with you, do they want to see what you are doing? Maybe they are just checking if you mention them. But why would you, they obviously aren't worth your time, not people like that.

I'm sorry you have so many disappointing people in your life, or you did and they are just hanging on. They just need to leave you alone. They never appreciated you and they never will.

Hope those certain people also read your comments.

Glad your blood pressure is getting under control.

Please enjoy your time with your dad. I miss mine.

I hope things get better for you. You deserve to enjoy your life.

I enjoy your blog and would like to continue following.

Good thoughts and prayers to you. Hugs.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh dear...I'd hoped the new blogging experience would be a good one for you. It is such a great way to connect with the world and lets you do it as the mood strikes. I hope you come up with a resolution to this.

Whatever you decide to do, I'll follow along for as long as you like!

Kat said...

I hoped those people wouldn't find your new blog. But if they feel you're not worth their time in person then why are they so interested in what you blog about?? Some people just weren't raised right!! The world has too many people like that already - Lord knows you don't need your share!

If you do invite only - I'd still love to be invited. Maybe you could do 2 blogs, one for your true feelings (and invite only) & one to meet new people? That might be too much work but it would keep the nosey-good-for-nothings out of your private thoughts and still find new & interesting people.

Just a thought.... hug from MI & one for your Daddy too!!

Kath said...

Hmmm...okay, I'm going to try the "err on the side of kindness" approach to viewing the actions of these less-than-wonderful former friends of yours. Sometimes, people really have absolutely no freakin idea how to communicate with someone who's going through troubles, they handle everyday stuff just fine, but when the chips are down, they fold. These are the people who will simply retreat into the background and watch while you struggle through hard times. Then when you are back on level ground and life is good again - they pop back up like nothing every happened. Perhaps that's the case here?


Wow-You are spinning so many plates right now! I would miss you if you left blogging but always enjoy your comments on my blog. I hope you invite me to join you if you do go invitation only. No one is ever quite so evil as the one who swore he'd love you forever and. oh yeah wants to be sure you know that what he really meant was he wanted to do all that with someone else(not that I'm bitter).
You sure you can't take someone on this road trip with you? Take your time, don't drive during rush hours and make your pee breaks happen at busy fast food places. Make sure someone is waiting for notification that you got there in one piece.
Most importantly, I don't really know how to say this, but be safe and try to have a good trip.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

One of my favorite sayings is, 'Don't EVER give up.' I know, easy enough to say but quite another thing to do. I think some people just thrive on trying to make others miserable ... like they do me at work. But, I still get up and go every morning because THEY WILL NOT WIN! I will have the last laugh and so will you my friend. If you have to go private, that's your decision, but don't do it because someone is trying your patience. Do it because YOU want to. Big Hugs! xxoo

Julie said...

Some people really need to find something better to do with their time than to harrass others! If you choose to go to invite only, please include me.
Sending hugs your way!

Diana said...


Dan just told me that you posted this about me and that he has been reading your site. He emailed you. I can't believe you thought I was sneaking around. You should change your site to private only, because obviously you don't want the public reading it and blogging is public unless you make your site private. I think you definitely owe me an apology, and you should have asked me first before posting something like this. I very seldom ever read your blog or anyone's blog for that matter because this past year I have taken on a private goal and just haven't had time to blog.

Diana (Dysfunktional Knitter)