Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nah, I'm not gonna hide

Let 'em watch my life if they want to. Maybe I should consider it a compliment in a weird sort of way. And thank you my friends, for the (mostly) kind and encouraging comments on the last post. It's because of you all that I decided to stay and not go private... It's not that I mind so much if someone reads my blog because I'm flattered to have people who care enough to want to. I guess I just don't understand someone huntin' for my blog instead of just askin me? Especially when I explained it all and why I was doing what I did on the last blog. So there ya go. I'm stayin'. Although I will put comment moderation on for a while cuz some people have no sense regarding what should be a "comment" and what should be considered material for a private email... but whatever.

Anyway.. got my new "job assignment" yesterday and actually it's gonna be pretty good. Not exciting, but much better. I'll be in a small office working for just one person who I already have a good relationship with. So that's cool. I'll be starting there as soon as I come back from my dads. So there's a good thing. I've also tied up quite a lot of loose ends around the house - a bunch of little house repairs have been worrying me to death - so I called for help - found some - and literally got stuff nailed down *grin*.

So things are lookin' up for a change. And as far as my trip goes.. I'm tryin' my hardest to put my mind on "everything's gonna be ok". I have lots of audio books, snacks etc.. and I'll be chargin' up my camera and gear. I'll just do whatever I need to for a safe trip making it the most fun possible. Hopefully I'll be able to post a couple pics or a video (if I can figure out how) while I'm gone.

So that's it for now. Housework today will keep me busy and the espresso machine is heated up and ready to provide my fuel. *grin*


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Yep, comment moderation is a good thing when needed. You have more control over who comments and what they say.

Good news about the job. You may not be excited, but I'm EXCITED for you! Working for one person is best. Where I work, you have one supervisor, but every Manager and the Director can say anything and your supervisor has to agree. They just had a meeting the other day about putting more work on the people at the switchboard. Like we don't already have enough to do in our ACTUAL jobs. *hanging my head* That's another reason to look forward to retirement. Then MY work will have to be split up between the 'lazy' people who's job it WAS, but they whined they couldn't do it. That's what happened when I left the insurance company ... it took 4 people to take over what I did. Poor babies.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you when you come back from visiting your Dad. Pictures, stories, and don't forget to wave to me when you get there. :) I'll miss you while you're gone. xxoo

Sheepish Annie said...

Yay!!!!! I didn't want to say anything that would influence your decision since you have to do what is right for you. (Or, worse, make the decision more stressful.) But I'm so glad you are staying "out there!!"

I'm also thrilled to hear about the new job. I think that having a place to go in the morning that makes sense and let's you do the job you are good at without trying to figure out for whom you work will decrease the stress level markedly.

All good stuff and bodes well for a good trip to Dad's!

Kath said...

Oh I'm glad to hear the change to your job was such a positive one! That's going to make your life so much less stressful!

You will have a good trip to your Dad's and back - I just know it. I have faith in you. And I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it!