Monday, June 15, 2009

It's almost time

And I dug out my dulcimer to take along with me. If you don't know what it sounds like - click here. The scenery at the beginning of that clip looks just like where I'm goin'. Cool, huh! I haven't played in a few years, but since I'll be in time for the annual folk festival, I'm sure I'll find someone that can get me started again. They'll be jammin' the old time folk music on every street corner in town. I bought this dulcimer years ago on a visit to my dads - it was made by a local craftsman and has a wonderful sound and I'm kind of excited to get started again.

So I'm pretty much ready. I just pray for good weather, plenty of caffeine and a good signal on my Garmin. I'm also prayin' to find my darn camera charger before I leave... although I've searched everywhere and then some. Doesn't it just figure... but I'll look again tomorrow. ::crossing my fingers::

Monday Update: I FOUND it! And good thing too since I've gone to four stores and none had a charger... the only way I'd get one would be to order online and by then it would be too late. So i walked in the door after work, went to my drawer of bento supplies (planning to make some bento box snacks for the trip) and there it was!!! And trust me.... I searched that drawer no less than THREE times... yet there it was today. Amen for the miracle. After a truly crappy day with the whole move situation... among other things... I really needed that little bit of happy - and you'll get MUCH better pictures when I get back. *grin*


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Love your dulcimer with the hummingbirds on it. The music they make is so sweet and reaches to the very soul. Glad you're going to give it another try too.

Oh yes, I know the scenery you're going to see will cleanse your heart and calm you. I see it when I visit Sister S in Great Cacapon, WV, but not at this time of the year. Ticks and skeeters just love diabetic flesh. Guess we're too sweet or something. :)

Hope you find your charger before you leave. I'm praying hard for you to have good weather on your trip. xxoo

Kath said...

Beautiful instrument! I loved the clip - the music and that one line, "I make these, you need one, come get it" is marvelous! I have absolutely no musical ability whatsoever, but I figure that's okay, 'cause someone's gotta be in the audience dancing and clapping, right?

For the trip - take your time, relax, and most of all - have fun!

Jamisyn said...

I hope you find your charger! I know what it's like...cost me like 70 bucks for a replacement. Have a good trip, be careful!!

Anonymous said...

First, I'm glad that you aren't going to let anyone force you into going private with your blog!

What a beautiful instrument; you should get a video of you playing it and share it with us:-)

I think you'll be surprised at how well your trip will go; sometimes all that time alone in a car is a good thing. Plenty of nice quiet time.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find your charger.

Sheepish Annie said...

That dulcimer is beautiful! So glad you found the charger. It looks like you are ready to go. Hope the trip is a good one and that you have a relaxing journey!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Yay for you finding your charger! Never thought of you packing the bento boxes for snacks. What a smart girl you are. I just know you're going to have the best time. Make sure you sit on the porch and listen to the wind in the trees, ok? xxoo