Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'll be brief.

All I can do at this point is give you an update. Sometimes even blogging seems like too much work - know what I mean?

- The new blood pressure meds are doing the job. Amen.

- The mister got served the divorce papers this week. In less than two months I will be officially divorced after 23 years.

- He then proceeded to tell me how nice his new girlfriend is and how much they have in common.

- I got an email from my boss on Tuesday asking if I could meet with her on Friday. It seems my job is being changed to accommodate my medical issues. When I asked to be given some sort of a hint before Friday (so I don't have to dwell on it all week) of where I might be going, which department or even which building... I was told no. She could not share any of her plan until she had all the details in place and will tell me on Friday.

- The big trip to see my dad is next week. I'm worried about physically being able to handle a 10 hour drive by myself, the crazy drivers and big rigs out there on the highways - and the first time ever out of the state without the mister, worried about safety, worried about my dad's health which isn't very good. I have so many mixed feelings about this trip and every one of those feelings is laying heavy on my heart.

So there we are. Cross your fingers for me and a quick payer never hurts. I'm still tryin' to think positive.

Thank you in advance.


Kath said...

Hallelujah and amen on those divorce papers! You know by now to ignore any words that come out of his mouth, right? He's basically - inhale, lie, exhale, lie, inhale, lie, exhale, lie, inhale, lie.....

Fingers crossed that the changes to the job are good, let me know how that turns out!

As for the drive to see your dad - I KNOW you can do it. Relax, take your time, sightsee along the way, treat it like you are taking yourself on a vacation!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Glad to hear the papers were served. When he told you how much they had in common ... all I could hear in my mind after that was, 'as I take her for everything I can get.' When it's all over girly, shake his dust off your feet and don't look back.

Glad the blood pressure meds are working for you. You don't deserve to be that stressed.

I hope the new job change will be the best thing ever and I will keep my fingers crossed like Kath.

On the drive, just keep telling yourself, 'I'm gonna see my Dad, and I'm gonna rest and enjoy myself. I'm almost home.' The time will just fly by. If you find yourself tiring, please pull off and stay somewhere for a nap. It'll refresh you and you'll be ready to go again. I'll be praying that God will be your co-pilot. xxoo