Friday, June 26, 2009

Natural Gas

Not "THAT" kind of gas. Puhleese.

I'm talking about the real deal. My dad owns most of a mountain and there's a whole lotta natural gas underneath. In WV, you aren't allowed to own mineral rights to your land... just from the ground up... so to be able to get to the gas, the big companies want to come on your land and it's up to you if you want to sell them "right of way" or not. Dad sells right of way to the gas companies in exchange for free natural gas, and let me tell ya, he has everything he can hooked up to it.. heat, dryer, stove, deer stand (and it's true - he says "a feller ought ta be comfortable, right?" He has a point there.), ::laughing:: and it's all free. For life. But it's rustic. Here's an example just down the road of how the gas lines are all over the place.

A little scary, but they're checked regularly... and free is free. And I am so abundantly blessed.


Kath said...

I think that is incredibly cool and yeah, your dad is right! He should take full advantage of that, in every possible way.

Where I live, most people have LPG. It sucks because we get nasty soot on the bottom of all of our cookware. I'd love to have natural gas but it just isn't an option here. Only place you get close to natural gas is the broccoli salad at the buffet! *snicker*

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Love what Kath said about the salad buffet. :)

I remember the picture you posted of the heated deer stand. Thought that was so cool. My BIL would sleep up there all day and night if he had one. :)

Only time I'd be scared walking near the pit is at night if I couldn't see it in the dark. That's a neat picture of the pump though. All that land just makes my heart soar. xxoo