Saturday, June 27, 2009

Uh oh.

I just dropped my pick into my dulcimer and can't get it out of there to save my life. ::sigh:: But it's ok... I have another and I'm drivin' the dog and cat crazy with my very out of beat renditions of Old Susannah and Boil Them Cabbage Down. ::laughing:: But it's very, very fun and at least it's in tune which always helps *grin*. I've just been putterin' around today and playin' a little bit too. I also developed a new food addiction - Quaker granola bars in the dark chocolate cherry variety. I just ate four. I'm workin' on more pictures and thinkin' about makin' some strawberry rhubarb jam this week... We shall see if I have the energy before the berries are gone.

The new job is going ok... I already feel my stress level come waayyy down and the blood pressure is too. They even had a little welcome party for me which is quite a nice change from the last boss who didn't even get me a card at Christmas. Oh sure, there are a few issues, but I still think I can do my last six years in that office standing on my head. I hope *grin*.

So there. It's saturday night and I'm about ready for bed at 6:30. Yeah, I'm a wild child. hehehe. But this wild child was up and workin' before dawn. The garden is lookin' really good except for the watermelons that don't look like they're gonna make it, but everything else is growin' pretty well. The beets and peas especially. I figure all the critters around here are just waiting for everything to get ripe before they rip into it.. but I'm watchin'.

Ok.. back to my "music" hehehe... and maybe one more little snack.


Sheepish Annie said...

I've done almost nothing today and I'm ready for bed myself. I can't even say I gardened!

Glad to hear that the new job is proving less stressful. I think that this is the right move. New people, more in the way of kind gestures...that sounds nice!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Keep on playing Hon! You'll get better with practice. And I love 'Boil Then Cabbage Down.' Never tried dark chocolate covered cherry granola bars. Gonna have to find me some soon.

Glad to hear the job is less stressful. What a blessing.

Sorry to hear about the watermelons, but good you're going to get something out of all your hard work. I hope you get it all and the critters only get what you're willing to give them. xxoo