Thursday, June 25, 2009

The dulcimer "docs"

At least that's what I affectionately call them. After several years of taking my dulcimer to the WV Folk Festival looking for help and not finding any - this year I found them. This is Roger and Gailanne, brother and sister who perform as Jubals-Kin. They were performing at the festival, and when I saw her with a dulcimer I had to go over and chat. Long story short, when they found out I had a dulcimer with me and needed help, they insisted I run and get it. These are two of the nicest, most generous and kind spirited kids I've met in a long time. Even though it was at least 95 degrees and as humid as it gets, they cheerfully offered to restring my dulcimer and show me how to tune it... and the next day I went to their dulcimer workshop and learned a whole lot more.

And this is the hill I had to climb to get there. Did I mention I was melting??? But it was soooooo worth it!!! Those two kids really helped me out.. I still can't believe Gailanne is only FIFTEEN years old - she's a natural born teacher and an "old soul". Check out the website and listen to some clips of their music - they are totally amazing!

Now... just one teensy little problem... since I've started playing my dulcimer again.. I can't stop! It's SO cool and relaxing to just sit out on the porch, feel the breeze and hear that sweet dulcimer music. And so what if I play Amazing Grace five thousand times because it's the only song i know so far? It still sounds really, really good :)


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Wow! Nice to know there are 'youngsters' out there willing to teach us what they've learned in their years. I think it's great that they restrung the dulcimer for you. Even with the hill, the town looks good. I miss places like that. And I like Amazing Grace, so play on girl. xxoo

Anonymous said...

My legs hurt just looking at the picture of that hill!

Enjoy your dulcimer and play away!

Kath said...

That is just great! Especially wonderful that they were willing and able to teach you more about the instrument. And I gotta say, if you only have the one song - that's a good one!

Sheepish Annie said...

I would imagine that it isn't easy to find people to help fix a dulcimer. How amazing that you all crossed paths....and that they were having a workshop! It was fate, I think. :)


I am so jealous. After my accident I had to give up the cello and hubby bought me a dulcimer. I have been unsuccessful finding a teacher or even someone to teach me how to tune it in my area. How incredibly cool are you? You continue to grow in amazing ways.
Be well.