Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have so much fun sometimes.

But I LOVE my "jewels". More often than not, that's what gets me to work in the morning. My clothes are probably "shabby" because I hate shopping... but the jewels. Nothing expensive and mostly from the Q, pearls, silver, agates and onyx... but it's SO much fun. And every single bit of is is "natural" meaning at some point created by God.

I am sure beyond doubt the natural stones bring good energy.... and even a DOCTOR complimented me on my necklace yesterday.

Whatever gets ya through the day in a positive and healthy way.. why not? I think tomorrow will be either (well, really not so much since it's supposed to be 95, but I'm in air conditioning all day) pure silver or blue agate middle finger ring (always the middle finger so i can flip the bird in a pretty and lady like fashion), and a blue moonstone ankle bracelet.

The truth of it is.... a few years ago I went to a church. A grey haired, tiny little black lady came up to me and said "when I first saw you, I thought of you as a shining jewel to God". She wrote down her "vision" and I carry it in my wallet even today.

Since then, I've decided to let my light shine and make sure God can see me at all times ;)

I am SO blessed and I thank God every day. Amen.

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