Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm just a magnet.

For the crazies. I generally talk to just about anyone.. but what a day. Long story short, car died - had errands in the city - and yes, I work in the city but I had to go "downtown" to connect some buses so I could get back to my car... and oh my.

I was informed by one gent that this is the US of A and also did I know about Area 71? I said no, did he mean area 41 and he said "NO, SEVENTY-ONE DAMMIT", then kept hollering at cars driving by to ask if they had a lighter to light the cigarette stub he had just picked out of the gutter. Okey dokey then... Then on the next bus I caught I had to sit with a young guy who had more piercings than should be allowed by law and bright hot pink hair..... and the lady in the seat in front of my on the bus with her wheelie suitcase who was telling the whole bus how her daughter was taken away "just because" she was homeless (and with what I'm sure was a fairly low IQ). Yeah, so I'm not really plannin' on going "downtown" in the near future. But it was Interesting! *grin*

But now car is fixed. I told the guy I just needed a battery, but of course, being a man (to be fair, we had chatted a bit, and he honestly was tryin' to truly help me out on the cheap, but still...) he had to run a whole series of tests before he could conclude that I was correct and replaced the battery. Total time spent waiting - 3 hours. And since it's connected to a super grocery store, I have enough food to last to the Apocalypse which is probably gonna be any day now. ::sigh::

Anyway.. just thought I'd check in. It's busy around these parts this past month and doesn't seem like there's time in the day for anything... and the waiting for all these different hearings and such, enough to drive a girl crazy if she isn't already ;)

And just think, only a few years ago, car trouble and all that would have totally freaked me out and now I just take in stride, do what I gotta do and move on. And I'm proud of me ;)

So no major news - other than I was too ashamed to face the Wii Fit lady the other day so I bought the Wii Zumba CD.... wow - just the tutorials was enough to do me in. ::laughing:: I had to sit on the couch and rest and watch the REAL workout ::laughing::

So there we are, all the news that's fit to print at this point in time. But stay tuned friends.. it's about to get VERY interesting.


Sara said...

fingers crossed for all those hearings :)!

Karen said...

Good to hear from you. Glad you are able to take so much in stride.

Don't take any shit off the Wii Fit lady, she can be so judgemental. LOL. I say that as much for you as for me, I just broke down and I am eating a honey bun.

Have a good one, hugs