Saturday, November 27, 2010

You've got to be kidding me....

I swear I don't know how this happened but at some point today - I started feelin' festive. And the festive grew and grew and grew - just like that Grinchy little heart. Although in my particular case, it wasn't that the heart was too small... I swear I've cleaned and steamed and polished and shopped online. I've put out new candles and a few lights and shiny things.

It's snowing some kind of little ice pellets out there and the wind is whipping. I hear guns from the crazy hunters in the woods. Took my life in my hands just to go out and grab the mail and the Diet Pepsi out of the car without wearing orange... Just sayin'.

And now to take it over the top I'm gonna put on some loud Christmas tunes and run a hot and herbalicious (Free Willie Nelson) bubble bath (::laughing::).

And I'm just gonna chill out for a while and practice the fine art of learning how to just "enjoy the moment". Amen.


Kath said...

Hah - I read the story about his tour bus getting pulled over in the paper this morning and thought, "Well, duh he's Willie Freaking Nelson. I'd be surprised if he didn't indulge."

Glad your heart & head are in a good place!

Sara said...

Good to hear you laughing and enjoying the day :)