Saturday, November 27, 2010

And so... let us talk of more pleasant things

I have a job to do. Eat. Oh my Lord.. what WAS I thinkin'? I am just one without a very big appetite these days and the next day turkey "smash" sandwich was fine. The smash is my traditional version, Miracle whip, turkey, cranberry sauce and sm00shed up sweet potato on wheat bread. I gotta have it. But I've had enough and I think the other half of Mr. Turkey breast is gonna go live in the freezer.

Cuz. Uh... see... for some reason and because it was on sale, I also happened to purchase a good size bag of frozen cocktail shrimp Wednesday night after work. However, I forgot. And it thawed nicely on the counter over night. And ya can't - refreeze shrimp.. so that's a whole lotta shrimpy goodness for one girl -' specially when every little shrimpy nugget has to go along with it's own little cocktail sauce/cream cheese/triscuit cracker combo. Now if only I could work up an appetite for such a thing... ::laughing::

And yes, I AM drinkin' a double shot mocha latte as we speak... why do you ask??? ::laughing:: My faithful Keurig just broke down but don't panic! The Q was called and arrangements were made for a quick replacement. Peace will soon reign. As soon as I come down off this caffeine buzzzz. But I am gettin' a lot done today. Actually, I'm feelin' almost festive. Just sayin'.

And I am blessed.

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Kath said...

I'm not sure why you would sully a poor innocent little shrimp with cream cheese and a triscuit, but yanno, if that's how you get your freak on - go for it!

Kidding of course. I love me some shrimp and I grew up eating peel & eat shrimp in large quantities, and can still put it away. Peel it, dip it, eat it, take a drink, repeat. YUM!