Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time to tell a story...

Cuz current life is not believable, let alone bearable. So.. I'm gonna show you the prism.

And what a story. This is the prism that fills my kitchen with rainbows when the sun is just right in the mornings. I'm gonna try to make this story short, but I've had that prism for probably 30 years or so. There used to be a set of three, but an old, and no longer best friend claimed one and the other was lost.

So one day when I was about 18-19 or so... I came home to my "efficiency apartment" from a party one dark night and found this guy pretty much passed out on the porch. When I roused him, we found he had a broken ankle. Long story short (and let's be honest.. he was tall, blonde and cute), He had no where to go... I let him live with me, totally platonic... but he needed a place to be until he healed. I don't even know how that all happened, to be honest... Those were some rough days, I'll tell ya. But I had nothing and he had less. We had absolutely NO food and NO money, but he had a source for diet pills a/k/a Speed in all varities - and he'd come home and give me a handfull so we wouldn't be so starving hungry. All different colors, varieties and strengths. He stayed about six months, but I ended up addicted to those pills for about 5 years till I started passing out... but anyway. We survived in the only way we could at the time.

Last time i saw him - he kissed me on the forehead, told me what a sweetheart I had been, and started walking down the road - headed toward Florida - with his guitar on his back. (But hey, he DID teach me the beginning part of Freebird. We used to practice guitar lessons on the city hall steps in the wee hours of the morning with our friends... wow... that was a long time ago).

Anyway.. when he left.. he left every worldly belonging he had with me. Besides his guitar cuz that was pretty much attached to his body. I tried to find someone to give all his stuff to, family pictures and such, but none were to be found. So I donated most. But I kept the set of prisms, and now only this one left. It was one of his prized possession and it's also been one of mine - and highly enjoyed ever since then.

Hey Mike.. wonder where ya are these days? Hope all is well and sending a prayer for blessings your way. And thanks for leaving me the crystal (with all your other crap). I love it. I just can't believe it I still have it after all this time when I have nothing else left of those days... and if you're reading and don't wanna say.,. just remember... I could always post that picture ::lmao:::

And I am blessed with a kitchen full of rainbows every morning. Amen.

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